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Wellness Whispers Hormonal Imbalance Banana Melon Milk

Wellness Whispers Hormonal Imbalance Banana Melon Milk

Wellness Whispers by Dani Barretto

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Wellness Whispers Hormonal Imbalance Banana Melon Milk by Dani Barretto 

10 sachet per Pack. 

Water Choice for Preparation: It's recommended to use mineral water or distilled water when preparing WW products. Avoid alkaline water as it may cause milk content to curdle, affecting product integrity.

Allergies and Precautions: Always read the label. If you have known allergies to any listed ingredients, consult your doctor before using the product.


MELON EXTRACT - Vitamin C Benefits: Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that helps combat oxidative stress. This stress has been linked to hormonal imbalances and conditions like PCOS, making vitamin C from cantaloupe extract beneficial for maintaining hormonal balance indirectly.

BANANA EXTRACT - Vitamin B6 Support: Bananas provide vitamin B6, crucial for hormone regulation. Adequate intake may help balance hormones and alleviate symptoms associated with imbalances.

MAGNESIUM - Hormonal Regulation: Magnesium supports ovarian function and hormone regulation, potentially promoting menstrual regularity and ovulation in women with PCOS.

OMEGA-3 - Cardiovascular Support: Omega-3 fatty acids supports cardiovascular health which is especially relevant for individuals with PCOS.

FOLATE - Ovulatory Health: Adequate folate levels support ovarian function and may potentially improve menstrual regularity, increased probability of enhancing reproductive outcomes for women with PCOS.

INOSITOL – Blood sugar regulation: Inositol supplementation may potentially improve sensitivity to blood sugar regulation and potentially lowers blood glucose levels in women with PCOS, supporting overall health related to energy processing.

LICORICE EXTRACT - Hormone Regulation: Containing phytoestrogens, licorice extract may help regulate hormone levels in women with hormonal imbalances, including those with PCOS.

MACA EXTRACT - Adaptogenic Support: Maca extract acts as an adaptogen, aiding in stress adaptation and maintaining hormonal balance, particularly supporting the endocrine system in individuals with PCOS.

FLAXSEED EXTRACT - Phytoestrogen Source: Flaxseeds provide lignans, a type of phytoestrogen that can modulate estrogen effects in the body, potentially supporting hormonal balance.

CAULIFLOWER EXTRACT - Estrogen Breakdown: Aids in converting estrogen into less potent forms, potentially maintaining hormonal balance and reducing the risk of estrogen-related conditions, including those associated with PCOS.

TOMATO EXTRACT - Antioxidant Benefits: Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants like lycopene, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, which combat oxidative stress and inflammation, benefiting overall health.

How to use:

Morning and night before meals. You can drink up to 2x a day
Can be hot and cold




Always consult a physician if you are pregnant, lactating, or have a history of medical conditions before using.

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