Earn & Redeem Rewards

Turn your Astrid & Rose Rewards Points into amazing Discounts!

More points, more discounts!

How to Join?

1. Click the "Rewards" button on the lower right corner and click "Join Now"

2. Become a Member by creating an account and completing with your details.

3. Shop on our website and start earning Astrid & Rose Rewards Points.


How to Earn Points?

1. Place an order = 2 Rewards Points for every AED1 spent

For example, your order is worth AED200 then you will get 400 Rewards Points

2. Like us on Facebook = 50 Rewards Points

3. Follow us on Instagram = 50 Rewards Points

4. Refer a friend and claim each of your AED10 discount coupon when they make a purchase.


How to Redeem Discounts?

100 Rewards Points = AED1 discount

1. You will be eligible to redeem once your purchase with us is completed. An email will be sent to notify you with the total number of Rewards Points earned.

2. Click the "Rewards" button on the lower right corner and click on the "Ways to redeem" button and click "Redeem".

3. You will get a unique Discount code which will be automatically applied on your next order with us. You can also copy to manually apply the code.

For example, you gained 400 Rewards Points then you will have AED4 discount on your next order once redeemed.


Happy Shopping & Redeeming!