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Strokes Microblade Pen Perfector in Axinite

Strokes Microblade Pen Perfector in Axinite


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The hero product of The Brow Artist Collection, the Microblade Pen Perfector is a revolutionary product that will reconfigure standards, reinvent cosmetics creativity, and rebrand on-fleek flawlessness.


Axinite - Cool Brown

It is a bleed-proof and long-wearing detailing pen that fills in and defines natural-looking brows, with an ultra fine brush tip that creates the thinnest hair-like strokes for microblade-worthy effects without the blade.


Designed to amplify natural eyebrow strokes by beautifying it to its top brow-game potential, it makes perfection a norm rather than a standard.




Begin with clean brows. A clean, no makeup and dry surface makes it easier to draw hair strokes.

Shake the Microblade Pen Perfector at a downward angle.

Start by drawing hair strokes on the areas of your brows where hair is sparse. The thickness of your strokes will depend on the pressure you apply when drawing.

Brush up with Brow Colorist or Brow Fixer to groom and hold brows in place.

Use alone or layer with other products from the Brow Artist Collection for a natural,multi-dimensional look.




Vitamin C – This potent anti-oxidant hydrates the skin and helps it absorb iron, a mineral necessary for hair growth.

Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins – These rich proteins from rice bran help increase hair volume and moisturize the skin.

Hyaluronic Compounds – The many benefits of hyaluronic include hydrating the skin, strengthening and stimulating hair growth, making it easier to comb or brush the hair which in turn decreases breakage.


Phthalate-free, paraben-free, BPA-free, mineral oil-free, vegan-friendly, fragrance-free, cruelty-free

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