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Naturactor Cover Face Concealer - 141

Naturactor Cover Face Concealer - 141


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Naturactor Cover Face is Japan’s most popular concealer, perfect for covering blemishes, making pores invisible, and giving your skin that baby smooth look. It comes from light to medium, to give you all the coverage you need.

Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation

‒ the makeup of choice among top makeup artists and celebrities!

‒ is a very effective product used as a concealer or a full coverage foundation. 

‒ gives a flawless coverage yet it is very light and blends naturally with any skin tone and complexion. 

‒ it does not cake and the longer you wear this amazing foundation, the better it looks on your face as it seamlessly become your second skin. 

‒ a little of this product can effectively make huge pores disappear as it also effectively hides blemishes, scars, freckles, lines, hyperpigmentation and other skin imperfections for that porcelain skin finish.



130 - Very light shade. Gives vibrance to pale skin creating a rosy, youthful look. Suitable for very fair skin tone.

140 - Light shade. Slightly deeper in color than 130 suitable for fair skin tone.

141 - Medium shade. The translucence of this shade makes it suitable for fair to medium skin tone. Suitable for a natural look.

151 - Dark shade. Suitable for creating coverage over scars and other major skin imperfection. Translucence of this shade makes it suitable for medium to dark skin tone. Best for brown skin tone.

171 - Green shade. Neutralizes redness, superficial blood vessels, acne, blemishes, allergies, irritation and skin redness in general.




1. Apply on clean face using your fingers or a triangle sponge

2. Take small amounts each time and do not over apply. 

3. Start off with the jaw line area and near the ears (in a downward motion) then on the forehead, nose area, the chin and the neck area. 

4. Blend it in properly and make sure it is spread evenly.



Jojoba Oil, Mica, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)





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