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Manic Beauty Cookie Cloud Whip Hair Mask

Manic Beauty Cookie Cloud Whip Hair Mask

Manic Beauty

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Manic Beauty Cookie Cloud Hair Mask

Say hello to your hair's new BFF:

✔️ Boosts hair volume for a fuller, luscious look.
✔️ Fortifies and reduces hair loss, giving you stronger, healthier locks.
✔️ Infused with Peptide and clover flower extract, it's like a sweet treat for your hair, promoting growth and vibrancy. Get ready for soft, silky, and irresistible hair!

Key ingredients for Hair Mask

*Avocado oil* - hydrates the hair, helps prevent breakage making it smooth and shiny

*Sweet almond oil* - moisturized hair and scalp to avoid flakiness

*Menthol* - cooling and refreshing 

*D-Panthenol* - helps smoothen hair strands to make it look smoother and reduces frizziness

*Peptide and Clover Flower Extract*- helps thicken hair, improve hair volume- helps strengthen hair- helps improve the strength of hair roots resulting to reduced hair loss




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