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Le Rose PH Fairy Stick

Le Rose PH Fairy Stick

Le Rose PH

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An all-in-one device with the following features:
  • Microcurrent - allows the electrical stimulation to penetrate deep into the tissues to the muscles, helping repair the skin’s elastic fibers that therefore stretch and reduce wrinkles. Erases signs of aging and gives your skin an instant lift.

  • Warm Head Surface - to effectively relieve eye fatigue and promote blood circulation. Helps in reducing eye bags and dark circles.

  • Red Light Therapy - 630nm red light. The dermis can absorb red light that accelerate cell renewal and promote collagen synthesis. It reduces acne marks and lighten spots.

  • Vibration Function - sonic vibration massages facial muscles.

  • Smart Touch Switch - with an electronic smart sensor chip; when the product handle is held while head touches the skin, the device starts to work. It stops when you leave it.

  • 90-degree rotating head - rotation that allows the device to better adapt to different parts of the face.

  • Magnetic Charger - high-technology charger; no need to plug and unplug.


It is recommended to use after cleaning the face for better results.

- Peel off the transparent protective film on the head of the products, paying attention to the direction of the rotation arrow on the protective film. Do not rotate the head in the opposite direction, causing the head to the damaged under external force.

- This product uses electronic smart touch chip, intelligent switch. When holding the product body, the head touches the skin, machine will start working. Please try it on your hands and face first, then use it without any discomfort. When using it around the eyes, it is a normal phenomenon that has a light flickering effect, which is a function of biological micro-electricity.

It is better to use the Fairy Stick after applying the eye cream or face cream evenly. You can start it on your hands and wait for the temperature rising, for it's cold to use in winter.

- Except the eye area, this product is also applicable to the face and neck.

Product material : metal + PC Plastic
Battery capacity : 350mAh
Input Voltage : 5V
Charging time : 3hours

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