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Crystal Glow Lychee - Collagen Drink 10 sachets

Crystal Glow Lychee - Collagen Drink 10 sachets

Crystal Glow

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Here's something that you'll surely love!

Crystal Glow COLLAGEN DRINK in Lychee has so much health benefits! It also contains 5,000MG Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen per sachet. It’s KETO FRIENDLY too! It can also help you lose weight with proper diet and consistent intake.

Given that Collagen is good for our overall health, here are the benefits of LYCHEE too.

Lychee Benefits:
- Prevent Signs Of Aging
As you grow older, your skin starts to show the first signs of aging. lychee, when used topically, can help delay their appearance.

- Help Remove Blemishes
Blemishes are the bane of anyone who seeks flawless skin. Applying lychee juice can help fade away the blemishes and marks, leaving you with clear skin.

- Reduce Sunburns
Spending too much time in the sun can cause redness and blisters. Sunburns can cause pain and irritation, and applying lychee infused with vitamin E can help soothe your inflamed skin.

- Promote Hair Growth
Be it stress or pollution, a host of factors can wreak havoc on our hair.Lychee, when used topically, can help promote hair growth.

- Have Anticancer Effect
One of the most important benefits of lychee is that it has anticancer effects. Having it on a daily basis in any form, including lychee juice, can actually help prevent the occurrence of this fatal disease.

- Improve Digestion
If you frequently suffer from constipation or other disorders related to the GI tract, try consuming lychee to ease your digestion.

- Prevent Cataract
Cataract is a visual impairment that is caused due to the clouding of the lens in the eyes. Since cataract affects millions, there have been numerous studies conducted regarding it. One study concluded that lychee might help inhibit cataract.

- Act Against Influenza
Influenza is caused by viruses and is an extremely communicable disease. Due to certain strains of these viruses showing resistance to traditional antiviral drugs, there is a need to develop new medications. Lychee fruit extracts have shown to be effective against these viruses.

- Aid Weight Loss
Being a low-calorie fruit, lychee is ideal for those who are looking to lose weight.

- Regulate Blood Circulation
Lychees have been found to help in proper blood circulation throughout our body, thus ensuring smooth functioning of organs and organ systems.

How to Use:
- You can take up to 3x a day
- Best if you take it in the morning and/or before bedtime
- 10 sachets/box
- Perfect with ice!

LYCHEE, White Grape, Aloe Vera, Sakura Extract, Lime, Goji Berry, Rosehip, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, L-Carnitine, Reduced L-Glutathione, Garcinia Cambogia, Stevia

Try it now, Dreamer! And achieve that extra glow!

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