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Arcadia Beauty Daily Lip Tint

Arcadia Beauty Daily Lip Tint

Arcadia Beauty

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Formulated and made in Korea


Perfect mix of color and care great for everyday wear.


Lightweight: formulated to ensure a light and comfortable feel on your lips throughout the day.

Glossy to a Comfortable Matte Finish: effortlessly transitions from a lustrous gloss to a comfortably chic matte finish.

Blurring Effect: minimizes the appearance of fine lines and smooths out any unevenness on your lips.

Provides Gentle Menthol Sensation: delivers a gentle burst of menthol that awakens your senses and leaves your lips feeling revitalized.


Key features and benefits:

Beta-glucan: creates a protective barrier, locking in moisture to prevent dryness and promote smoother, healthier lips.

Manuka Leaf Honey: contains antibacterial properties to prevent bacterial growth and ensure product cleanliness.


How to use

Soft Natural Look: apply a single layer of Daily Lip Tint for a subtle, softer appearance

Full Lip Effect: apply two layers of Daily Lip Tint for a bolder, fuller look.

Gradient Technique: apply a darker shade to the center of your lips and gently blend it outwards.

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